Brokerage account

1. Investment consulting and securities trading support

The brokerage team at VFS is focused on training to improve fundamental analysis and effective application of technical analysis in stock trading, VFS believes to actively and effectively support investment. customer’s investment.

Analytical newsletters, macro and micro market reports: VFS provides quality-focused, in-depth and academic products that are highly appreciated by customers.

Effective investment advice, follow the market closely, support to place stock trading orders quickly and accurately

2.Provide securities information by ownership category

The system automatically sends information by email, SMS immediately upon arising events related to the securities codes owned by customers.

3. On-demand stock analysis

VFS combines a reputable financial data provider to provide customers with financial information and stock valuation quickly and accurately, helping customers easily make investment decisions.

4.Account Management

VFS has an existing securities software system to help manage and provide a completely new account report, customers can easily access, monitor, and retrieve aggregated data on the current account status in a complete manner. enough, fast.