Viet First Securities Corporation - VFS

Securities brokerage

Always striving to serve the interests of its customers, VFS recognizes that each individual has a story, a need, and an expectation, and hence offers effective financial solutions that are consistent with their values. Real and sustainable. With a team of brokers trained to improve fundamental analysis capabilities as well as the effective application of technical analysis in stock transactions, combined with a modern technology system, VFS has been assisting a large number of customers in buying/selling securities on Vietnamese exchanges, resulting in not only the best results but also the highest level of investor satisfaction.

1. Investment advice and securities trading services

VFS’s brokerage team is focused on advanced training to improve fundamental analysis and effectively utilize technical analysis in stock trading. VFS strongly believe in our ability to actively and efficiently supporting clients’ investments.
Newsletters with analytical content, macro and micro market reports: VFS provides high-quality, in-depth academic products which are highly rated by customers.
We provide in-depth investment advice, real-time market monitoring support, and assistance in placing stock trading orders quickly and accurately.

2. Provide securities information by ownership list

The system automatically sends information via email and SMS immediately whenever events related to the securities owned by customers are published.

3. Ad-hoc stock analysis

VFS analyzes reputable financial data to provide customers with financial information and stock valuation to produce reports, easing customers’ decision-making process in investments.

4. Account Management

VFS provides advance and up-to-date securities software system to help manage and access account reports. Customers can easily access, monitor, and retrieve aggregated data on accounts’ current status efficiently.