Banking Services

Viet First Securities Corporation - VFS

Equity capital market

VFS provides a wide range of capital market services: Initial Public Offering (IPO), secondary offering, private placement, conversion products. We have a highly qualified and experienced team that provides a full package of fundraising consulting services including detailed business surveys, preparation of offering documents, assurance of access to appropriate capital, and negotiating the best terms and conditions for customers.

- Consulting on legal procedure

VFS supports businesses to review necessary legal requirements (requirements on financial capacity, corporate governance, issuance purposes, etc.) to comply with the law in the issuance of shares to public companies.

- Consulting on issuance plan

VFS provides advice and helps businesses choose an effective capital issuance plan in a certain period and follow the specific conditions of the market as well as the internal factors of the enterprise. Helping businesses balance capital needs with building a suitable and safe capital structure from the perspective of capital sponsors and partners, the ability to dilute shares compared to the speed of earning growth, shareholder structure, and market conditions at the expected time of issuance.

- Underwriting securities

Following the request of customers, based on assessing the feasibility of the issuance, VFS provides underwriting services to ensure the customer’s successful issuance with a minimum agreed-upon price.

- Distribution of stock products

VFS has a diverse network of institutional and individual customers, creating an advantage for VFS to assist customers in raising capital through private placement or public offering.