Banking Services

Viet First Securities Corporation - VFS

Debt capital market

With diverse financial potential and a team of experienced experts in the field of debt markets, Nhat Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (VFS) is currently one of the prominent capital market consulting institutions today. in providing corporate bond issuance services as well as other debt instruments.

- Issuing bonds

In addition to bank loans, corporate bonds are also an effective mid-term and long-term capital supply way to solve the needs for investment programs and projects, increase the scale of working capital, and restructure the corporate capital structure. VFS’s team has a lot of experience that will assist clients in providing business-appropriate consulting services based on the latest developments in the market

- Bond issuance consulting

Issuing bonds for businesses involves many legal procedures and minimum requirements on bond issuance conditions. VFS helps customers review the necessary legal requirements to build a bond issuance profile following regulations.


- Bond issuance agent

A wide network helps VFS connect businesses to potential investors, including banks, financial institutions, etc., and a system of specialized securities investors. With the ability and experience in the investment field, VFS confidently arranges capital for customers with the most optimal scale and cost.

- Bond registration and depository agent

Carry out registration and depository for corporate bonds issued before the bond registration and depository system at VietNam Securities Depository and the trading system of corporate bonds at the Stock Exchange. Support enterprises to carry out registration procedures on the bond registration and depository system and the corporate bond trading system when the system comes into operation following the law.