Phái sinh

Transaction fee schedule

STT Dịch vụ Phí duy trì / năm
1 Fees at VFS
1.1 Index futures trading fees 4,000 VND/ Trade Open/Close a position
1.2 Index futures expiration fee 4,000 VND/ Contract
1.3 Late payment interest 14.5%/year
2 Regulatory fees of the Regulatory Authority and the Bank
2.1 Index Futures Pay Exchanges 2,700 VND/contract/time
2.2 Price of position management service paid VSD 2,550 VND/contract/account/day
2.3 Margin asset management service price paid VSD 0.0024% Cumulative value of margin assets (Cash + Value of securities at par value)/account/month
• Minimum: 100,000 VND/month
• Maximum: 1,600,000 VND/month
2.4 Tax Transfer price each time x 0.1%