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Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

(For customers who register to use online trading service at VFS)

1. Nhat Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (VFS) provides online trading services to customers, on the basis of Decision No. 930/QD-UBCK dated October 29, 2018 of the State Securities Commission on Job: Approving the securities company’s registration to provide online trading.

2. Advantages of this quest:

– Create favorable conditions for placing orders of investors;

– Ensure accuracy and speed in the order placement process;

– Increase the speed of order transmission to investors;

– Minimizing risks, avoiding errors for the Securities Company in the process of placing orders.

– Actively execute trades, improvise quickly with market movements.

3.Risks that customers may encounter during online transactions:

a. Risks due to objective failures of information systems

Technical errors of hardware and software systems that may occur due to floods, fires, natural disasters, electrical short, physical damage: Currently, all trading systems have a backup system, if problems occur Otherwise, the system may be down for a few minutes to switch over to the backup system.

The risk of downtime of the network system due to transmission errors, causing trading orders to be suspended, stopped, delayed or have data errors.

Computers can be infected with viruses that stop information exchange activities in the computer network.

The identification of organizations or investors may be inaccurate, errors, and security errors may occur.

The stock price list and other securities information may contain errors or misrepresentations.

b. The risks of the attack of the bad guy (Hacker): The online trading system can be attacked by bad guys in many different forms, by different objects. Threats can occur from inside or outside (via the internet environment). Attackers can be professional and amateur hackers. Attacks can occur in several forms such as: Probe attack (exploit vulnerabilities on the system), access attack (illegally accessing and modifying data), attack DoS denial of service (the purpose of exhausting network resources such as memory, bandwidth, etc., making the system unable to serve)

c. Risks from customers: The lack of caution and understanding of customers, who use the service about risks and forms of fraud, to steal information on the Internet environment, leading to disclosure/loss Username, login password, registered phone number, or other user authentication device such as Token card, Token key. Common types of scams are Phishing, Pharming, Trojan, Spyware… to steal important information of users.

3. We are not responsible for risks and damages caused by the above objective reasons, or because customers reveal access passwords, transaction passwords, lost access authentication devices. . In case you discover that someone is not authorized to use your password to access and place your order, please immediately notify VFS via hotline: (+84-28) 6255 6586 to suspend the transaction only and take timely measures.

4. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and minimizing technical risks. Sincerely thank customers for trusting to choose online trading service at Nhat Viet Securities Joint Stock Company

Regular questions

Don't keep questions or problems to yourself; the VFS staff will help you whenever you need it.

1. How many channels are there for customers to trade securities online in VFS? How do I register?

Online securities trading channels of VFS includes:

– Trading Webtrading on personal computers/Mobile devices (

– Software installation channel on mobile devices (Download VFS Mobile app)

To be able to use these trading channels, customers must first have an account at VFS and have a user and password for online transactions

2. In order to use the WebTrading trading system, what are the requirements for my personal computer configuration?

To access Webtrading, the personal computer must be connected to the Internet

3. To install the application on a smart mobile device (Mobile VFS), what are the requirements for my device?

To install the App, the requirements are:

– For Android operating system: Version 5.0 or higher.

– For IOS operating system: Version from 9.0 and above.

4. Is it possible to transfer a stock trading account to another company?

To transfer securities accounts, investors need to follow the following steps:

– Open an account at the new securities company.

– Ask the former securities company to transfer the shares in your current account to the new securities account at the new securities company.

5. Does money in a securities account receive interest??

The amount of unused money in the securities account will receive interest without term according to the regulations of VFS in each period.

6. How much is the fee to open a securities account?

VFS does not charge a fee for opening a securities trading account

7. What are the risks in stock investment? Is there stock hedging insurance?

The risk in stock investment is that when buying any stock, then the stock price falls below the original purchase price, if sold, you will lose a certain amount, the main risk is a decrease in the stock price.

There is no hedging on securities investment, resulting in profit or loss when investing, investors accept with their decisions.

8. Is it possible to extend a loan?

VFS can extend the loan based on the request of the Customer.

9. How to register for cash advance service?

Customers sign a contract for cash advance service according to VFS’s form at the Transaction Counter.

Or the customer prints and signs a contract of cash advance services, and records a video to verify personal information and the signing process, and then sends the file to VFS transaction office.

10. How to check money transactions?

In case of errors in the deposit and withdrawal process, please contact the following addresses for detailed instructions:
• Via phone number/email::
– Headquarters: 028.6255.6586
– Hanoi branch: 0243.9288 222
– Customer Service Center:
• Directly at Nhat Viet Securities Joint Stock Company
– Headquarters: 1st Floor, 117-119-121 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District I, HCMC.
– Hanoi Branch: 5th Floor, No. 37 Ba Trieu, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

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